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Gavin takes his megaphone and informs everyone at the Kingdom that everything they produce now belongs to Negan.

They will be able to keep enough just enough good for nourishment and now all able men and women will be transported to the Sanctuary to repair it and since they made their old home a mess with the dead, the Kingdom will be their new home too.

She turns off the road to a distillery, thinking there might be something there they could use as Aaron laughs about her “social graces.” Michonne (Danai Gurira) plays with Judith outside, promising she will be back soon.

She tells Daryl (Norman Reedus) she is glad he is back as he reminds her that it worked.

Tonight’s TWD mid-season finale begins with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) walking with son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) who says that they need to have more than “hope” and have to do something; it takes more than that.

Negan continues to whistle, as Carl packs things up.

Michonne fights him as she says they can’t just let Negan have this place, but he reminds her that she said this was his show and he says that Negan can have it for at least tonight, and he orders them all to go as Negan counts down, saying there is 1 minutes remaining.

He says he is going to get someone but before she can question him any further there is loud knocking on the metal gates at the front and Negan’s voice, saying they are polite and didn’t sound the alarm.

He orders them to line up in front of their houses and work up their apologies and the person with the latest one gets killed and then he will kill Rick in front of everyone and then they can move on. Meanwhile, Rick, Carol and Ezekiel’s man are driving and suddenly there is a big crash!!

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