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If you’re looking for a quick fix, most likely they’re only looking for a fast and easy time.

After settling for enough of these guys, you start to believe that every guy is going to be the same, and you’ll become paranoid when you do actually meet a good one. Feeling even lonelier when your relationship comes to a quick and messy end is super counterproductive to what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.

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I had just received a phone call from a guy who works with my husband. He had tried hitting on me several different occasions at my husband work functions. He worked out several times a week at the gym and thought his body was so spectacular. I can still remember the empty echo of my stiletto heels, clicking against the marble floors as I rushed out of the Hazelton Hotel. I didn’t dare look at the impeccably groomed doorman as he nodded to me while I hurried past him.

Emily Derry I’m a mid-20s, fairly ordinary, normal-ish, Canadian girl who is obsessed with her dog, writing, travel, and all things British.

Instead of focusing on the first guy that comes along, join some groups, expand your circles, and wait for the one who will actually stick around. When you constantly have guys telling you what you want to hear, you start to crave that kind of attention, even though deep down you know it’s not real.Having to constantly start at square one with less and less confidence each time, only makes you feel even more lonely than when you started. Let’s face it, the types of guys who are just there for a good time are only going to tell you what they think you want to hear.They’re awesome at sweet talking, but they suck at following through and being genuine. When your biggest priority is simply finding someone, you end up settling for anyone.They just distract you from being lonely; they don’t change it.At the end of the day, going from guy to guy, regardless of how crappy they are, only distracts you from your boredom and loneliness.

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