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First of all, many people are highly skeptical of online dating services.Many people think they are nothing more than a glorified escort service or that there is something shady about the business.Does your company want to help people get together and form lasting relationship that may lead to marriage? Below are some good examples of dating service logos.Take a look at how we designed these logos and jot down a few words that represent what the logo is trying to represent.Together, they combine to represent the value we help create—love and science work better together.Do you have an online dating service that you still need a logo for? Seventeen years ago today we showed up to the online dating party.

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Remember that your logo will likely be featured in both the mobile market as well as your main company landing page and blog. The first thing you should do when determining what to include within your logo is what your business stands for.

Five years later, we highlighted the ‘e’ and the ‘h’ with distinctive colors and capitalized the ‘H’. In 2014 we showed our true colors by making our logo color uniform—just one color that we called “e Harmony blue”. As shown in the diagram, we are a company known for the science behind love, and when overlapped, we are able to create connections.

(Bold move for the time) And then in 2010, we removed the line that separated the ‘e’ and the ‘H’. It was a hue that could make just about anyone yawn, but in a good way. Let’s not forget about our icon logo—an “e H” that phonetically struggled to outshine it’s more negative counterpart, “meh”. We dug deeper into this, and found these two attributes as characteristics that guide our overall tone and design. Various style studies helped us set guidelines when designing not only the logo, but it helped define our new brand colors, fonts, and feel. That said, our brand logo and identity is going back to the basics. *Side note, I wish I could show you how many logos we designed, but then you might judge us for being wildly passionate, nerdy, fun, and just plain excited to redesign our logo and present it to the world!

The “Valentine Dating” title is written in lovely scripted language across the dancing couple and the logo seems to have a motion of its own.

This is an attractive and colorful logo that should appeal to a wide variety of clients who are looking for a date for Valentine’s Day or who like the romantic image of the dancing couple and the other assets that accompany it.

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