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Dignum, who worked for Care Connect which is contracted by Cheshire East Council, was found guilty of theft at Stockport Magistrates Court on May 4.

She visited Frank's home, which he shared with his late wife Mary, 96, who passed away earlier this month, three times a day.

Speaking after the sentencing, angry son Peter said: 'You can see her bending down, opening the drawer, and you can see her looking around and looking through the windows to see if anybody is coming.'Then you can hear the zip on the wallet, she puts the £10 in her pocket, puts the wallet back and walks away.'I'm just glad the camera worked and we had the evidence we needed.'I think she has got off lightly, but the main thing is we have exposed her as a thief and she won't be able to do it to another vulnerable person in her care.'Care Connect confirmed that disciplinary action was started but Dignum resigned soon after.

Since this sensitive ensemble drama burst onto the scene at the end of the "greed is good" 80s, many have tried and just as many have failed to replicate a show about well, ennui-riddled, upwardly mobile strivers, encountering speed bumps or ruptures in their relationship lives.She is filmed leaving the bedroom empty-handed before returning seconds later.Dignum can then be heard unzipping a wallet belonging to Frank before taking out a £10 note which she stuffs into her pocket.No show in the history of television has lingered in the imagination quite like Rod Serling's anthology series, which could function both as a science fiction chiller and an issues-driven examination of human behavior and moral complexities, with climactic twists.pilot nearly a decade before it found a home as the first scripted drama at AMC, where the series debuted in the summer of 2007 and quickly took hold of the imagination with its evocation of Madison Avenue and the country as the turbulent 1960s dawn. Havlan, Tom Johnson, Kent Jones, Paul Mercurio, Guy Nicolucci, Steve Rosenfield, Jon Stewart was initially viewed as "too inside" for a mass audience, a behind-the-scenes look at a sketch show, with Fey playing showrunner Liz Lemon and Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, the hard-to-control comedy star brought in to juice ratings.

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