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More than it is on the side of the people he scorns and hurts, like an upbeat gym teacher or a gung-ho motivational speaker.

Donnie (possibly in a trance state) commits vandalism and sabotage and even murder, though he sacrifices himself in the end.

Another character fatally run over by an automobile.

Fistfights between teens, knife pulled on the hero.

All of these things combine to create a stunning film.

One can only hope that filmgoers will give this little gem a shot and support a true wonder.

See more » The fact that this is the Directors first film is amazing to me.

Con un presupuesto de 3,8 millones de dólares y filmada en 28 días, Donnie Darko solo logró recaudar 7,3 millones a nivel mundial.Classroom vandalism (apparently committed by the hero under some sort of spell) and profane disrespect of teachers and authority-figure adults is part of the plot, and not exactly frowned upon.There is teen sex (non-explicit), references to pornography, and violence, although there is very little blood. " /We never get clinical details info on Donnie's emotional instability -- he may be delusionally schizophrenic, a defiant kid mistreated by The System, or both -- but the film is clearly on his side, as a smart and unappreciated boy.Donnie's mental illness, if such it is, may never allow him to find out for sure.Before Mara Wilson retired from acting, she got the script for the film, to read for the role of Samantha Darko, but declined to audition for the film, due to being freaked out over the script.

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