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Faucigny was transferred to Savoy in 1355 under the terms of the Treaty of Paris agreed with Jean II King of France, which also confirmed the frontier between Savoy and Dauphin.

Comte Amede VII acquired Nice in 1388, and Comte Amede VIII was confirmed as comte de Genve in 1410.

The book of anniversaries of the church of Aosta includes an entry dated 1040 the dating clause of which notes "regnante et principante in Valle nostra August Salassorum Umberto P. This is the origin favoured by Guichenon after reviewing numerous alternative theories.

After the loss of these Italian possessions, Comte Humbert II turned his attention westwards by strengthening relations with the Capetian kingdom of France, his daughter eventually marrying Louis VI King of France.Presumably such alleged descent would be through Charles Constantin Comte de Vienne, son of Louis King [of Provence], about whose two sons nothing is known apart from their names (see the document PROVENCE).No reference to such charters is found in the commentary on the cartulary of Vienne Saint-Maurice published by Ulysse Chevalier, or in the handful of charters themselves which he reproducedson of "Braud".The Germans burnt the archives of the castles of Susa, Avellana and Turin at different times, including an episode in 1174 when Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" burnt all the title deeds of the house of Savoy.Unfortunately, since compiling the earlier version of the present document, the State Archives of Turin have changed their website.

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